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Brabic Men's Waist Trainer with 2 Straps

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Comfy & Breathable Material

Neoprene composite fabric with a special punching process, which gives the fabric a breathable function. Compounded with 3 layers, retaining a certain degree of elasticity, and making the product have ultra-high body shaping ability, sweating and other functional ingredients.
Inner layer: 100% Neoprene

Outer layer: TPU + 90% Polyester+10% Spandex (Ground)

Floor: 100% Polyester

Sweating & Fat Burning

Durable middle zipper design, easy to put on and take off, zipper bottom row button design, can prevent cracking and sliding. Accelerate the heat of the human body and make sweating twice during exercise, thereby achieving the effect of weight loss. The special punching process of the fabric is more breathable and fashionable.

Adjustable Waist Trainer

Five steel frames strengthen the support of the waist. Evenly presses the waist to tighten the waist and abdomen, corrects the posture, and prevents the waist from damage. The two front and middle plates tighten the waist and abdomen. It helps tighten the core during exercise and makes exercise more convenient. The Velcro can be adjusted according to the comfortable tightness.

Suit for Any Time & Occasion

Suit for gym, sports, leisure, sauna, running and walking. It makes people shape a perfect waist while wearing. Long-term use can shape a perfect body.


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M 30.7-33.0 12
L 33.0-35.8 12
XL 35.8-38.5 12
2XL 38.5-41.3 12
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