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Digital Infrared Thermometer NON-CONTACT

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New non-contact infrared thermometer, for greater safety and hygiene, designed to measure body temperature. Placing it between 1-5 cm from the area you will obtain the temperature data practically instantly.


With his multiple functions, you can not only measure body temperature, you can also that of different surfaces such as water, food, etc.



Fast and accurate, in just one second it will show you the temperature data.

With multiple functions that allows you to measure both body temperature and that of various surfaces.

Non-contact for greater safety and hygiene.

Measuring distance between 1-5 cm.

3 color alarm. Green for normal temperature, yellow for mild fever, and red for high fever.

Memory for 50 measurements.

Auto power off.

Battery indicator.




Body temperature range: 34.0-43 ° C / 93.2-109.4 ° F

Surface temperature range: 0-100 ° C / 32-212 ° F

Measurement distance: 1-5cm

Measurement time: 1 second

Accuracy: (+/-) 0.2 ° C