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230° LED Wideview Headlamp.

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Say goodbye to narrow lights that don't allow you to have a full range of view. This Wideview Headlamp is designed to provide a wider angle of brightness for you to work on any project in the darkest of settings without jeopardising your mobility. Our adjustable design enables you to have a 230° degree beam of light and turn the device on/off hands-free, via motion sensors.


Lightweight Portable design

  • Comfortable adjustable design
  • Light weight
  • Up to 350 Lumens

230° wide angle beam

  • Gives you a full range of view when working on projects in very dark places, cycling or simply walking your dog at night. 

Rechargeable long lasting battery 

  • 3 Hours on high mode and 8 Hours on low. This means that you can go on long hikes in the dark, camping, fishing or work on your projects for as long as it takes to get the job done.

Hands-free control 

  • Enables you to switch the device on and off without touching it. Perfect for when you are working on projects where you will get your hands dirty.

5 light modes

  • COB light High/Low, XPE High/Low and COB + XPE, which enable you to have full autonomy over how much light is necessary.

IPX4 Water Resistance

  • Which means that not only will you be able to cycle, work or walk under rainy conditions without worrying about ruining your device, but you can also wash the device easily and keep it perfectly tidy.

Versatile and made for all

  • Cyclists
  • Mechanics
  • Hikers
  • Travellers
  • Adventurers